Clash of Racers: Everything you need to know

Clash of Racers: Everything you need to know

Join our special Twitch launch stream “Clash of Racers” and watch esports stars compete in the best games.

Photo credit: Max Benecke and Kev1n

We are ready to OverTake the world of esports racing and offer you the most ambitious hub for news, tutorials, coverage, entertainment and much more. To celebrate our launch, we host a special event on our Twitch channel filled with racing action on June 21 at 6.00 PM CEST. Our Nitro Nights hosts Melek ‘m3lly’ Balgün and Tom Deacon will lead through the evening.

The Clash of Racers is waiting for you – with two teams of famous racers who will deliver a great show for you. Two well-known faces were chosen as captains to lead their team to victory in our tournament: Max Benecke and Kev1nTV assembled line-ups of esports racing influencers. Additionally, each team has one vacant slot for a community member to complete their line-up.

Max Benecke


Captain: Max Benecke
Driver 1:Cem Bolukbasi
Driver 2:Charlie Martin
Driver 3:Jimmy Broadbent
Driver 4: Community racer


Captain: Kev1nTV
Driver 1:James Baldwin
Driver 2:Maxime MXM
Driver 3:Dave Gaming
Driver 4: Community racer


And now it’s your turn to claim one of two seats at Clash of Racers! If you are an avid Forza Motorsport 7 player, you can simply send us a screenshot in which you complete your fastest lap on the track Spa. Record your skill, share it on social media with the hashtag #OverTakeChallenge et voilà, you’re in the pool of potential candidates to be featured on our show. On top of that, you can win special prizes! For both participants, a special AOC AG272FCX6 monitor is waiting to enhance their esports racing setup.

The Clash of Racers challenges

Team Red and Team Green are going to complete a series of seven racing challenges in different games. To heat up the competitive spirit, the players earn points depending on whether they win or lose. But not only their time at the finishing lane matters, their performance is crucial: you can always vote for the driver you liked best in our community vote on Twitch. Your vote grants the racers extra points which can change the final outcome and get your favorite player to victory.

The teams play four games at first, then it’s your turn to support them. Two viewers from the community will compete in Forza Motorsport 7. Another clash between the two teams prepares for the Grand Finals: In the last round, the two captains of the squads challenge each other in Mario Kart.


Vote, win and race – take part in our Twitch stream!

You don’t have to restrict yourself to just viewing the event. You can take part in various ways. We have special raffles for all fans, voting tools that allow you to influence the show and race against our teams live as community racer.

To find more details, you can also check out our article on how to participate in the launch stream.


Get ready for the Clash of Racers and tune in to our official Twitch channel on 21 June at 6.00 PM CEST!

Team Red or Team Green? Tell us who you are rooting for on social media!