Will the new MotoGP 21 be worth buying?

Will the new MotoGP 21 be worth buying?

Nicer graphics, slick animations and challenging gameplay – but will MotoGP 21 be better than its predecessor?

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This year’s MotoGP release is almost upon us: on April 22, the new game will hit the market. Two-wheeler enthusiasts are rightfully eager to get their annual dose of motorbike grand prix action – but will MotoGP 21 live up to the expectations? OverTake was able to take a peek at the new title ahead of time to give you a general overview of the upcoming addition to the franchise. As usual, we’re looking at a game that might be tough on beginners, but is exactly the right level for ambitious racers and long-time fans of the series. We know that much, but now let’s take a look at what’s new about the game!

The wheel reinvented or just patched up?

Much like in its predecessor, the new game’s experience will largely depend on the in-game settings drivers adjust for themselves. As it can honestly become quite tedious to select all the right parameters of your bike’s technological data, we asked 2019 MotoGP World Champion Andrea ‘AndrewZh’ Saveri to walk us through some tips in a previous tutorial.

In terms of looks, this year’s MotoGP release definitely has some welcome improvements in store. While the game still runs on the Unreal Engine 4, graphics adjustments in light and shadow effects as well as new bike animations make the overall experience a lot more realistic. With regard to gameplay, some minor innovations introduce a long penalty lap if you jump the start in the new game. Additionally, the brake disc temperature is now a separate component from the overall heat of the tires – this allows for more detailed and exact information.

With all of that being said, we didn’t discover any revolutionary changes in MotoGP 21 in comparison with its predecessor. For now, we leave it up to the individual player to decide if a full price for this year’s edition is justifiable. In case you’re still hesitant, rest assured that we will provide a more in-depth review once the game reaches the consoles on April 22!

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