Mario Kart in real life? Exclusive look on Das Race

Mario Kart in real life? Exclusive look on Das Race

OverTake checked out the unique racing format in which celebrities take control of futuristic RC cars.

Photo credit: Optimist Inc. / Das Race

Let us show you a completely new kind of racing competition: in Das Race, participants compete with real RC cars on a track in California – while controlling them with a gamepad from their homes. Our editor Maik Jahn took a very close look at the format and even competed on the original Das Race track to try it out.

A crazy real-life version of Mario Kart

One big key feature of the competition is the circuit. A GPS system in the studio tracks the cars on the racetrack to the inch. Their data is then transformed into a game which the competitors control using their gamepad.

On the circuit, there are several shortcuts which are quite risky to take as they are very narrow, and the cars might get stuck. Another way to charge to the top are the various power-ups which can be collected. They allow the racers to get a speed boost, slow down other cars or invert the controls of their opponents.

Drag queens, musicians and artists compete in season one

After a very promising pilot stream, a six-episode season is ready to be aired on Twitch. Another outstanding factor of the format is the very diverse line-up which consists of musicians, artists, drag queens and many more. The first season thus will not only focus on the races themselves, but also on the friendships, rivalries and sabotages which emerge throughout the competition.

OverTake spoke to Dorian Gorr, Managing Director of Veritas Entertainment and one of the leading heads behind Das Race, to get to know more about the future of the competition: “There are thousands of ideas already floating around for the upcoming races and seasons,” he teases.

Dorian has big plans for future broadcasts: “We also see this as a platform where you can host various forms of entertainment. We want to combine it with music, artists on site, hosting a half-time show in the middle of the racetrack, all these kinds of things will be doable.”

The first episode of season one is going to air on September 12 on lvlglobal’s Twitch channel. We are ready for some crazy episodes with very entertaining races. If you want to know more about Das Race, check out our special overview in the video!

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