MotoGP 20 Global Series returns after two-month break

MotoGP 20: Global Series returns after two-month break

Can AndrewZh stage a comeback against his rivals?

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The 2020 MotoGP eSport Championship didn’t go quite as planned this year. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the event’s calendar was postponed towards the end of the year – the offline events were replaced with online competitions. Now, after two months of waiting, the world’s most popular motorcycle esports series returns for Round 2 on October 2. While the first round in July set the course for the season, we can expect some upsets and a comeback by reigning world champion Andrea ‘AndrewZh’ Saveri.

The hard way to the top

AndrewZh has been one of the most promising players of the scene for years. Last year, he finally managed to best two-time world champion Lorenzo ‘trastevere73’ Daretti in the finals. However, the Italian prodigy fell short at the first event, which featured races at Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello, Italy, and Circuito de Jerez-Angel Nieto, Spain.

While AndrewZh finished third on his home turf, only a small margin behind his archrival trastevere73, the youngster from Bologna suffered bitter defeat in the second race. His P7 finish was a disappointment for the hungry world champion and his fans. Meanwhile, trastevere placed second yet again, accumulating 40 points by the end of Round 1. AndrewZh had to be content with rank four.

The overwhelming victor of the first round was undoubtedly Adrian ‘Williams_Adrian’ Montenegro Sanchez. The seasoned Spaniard is a four-time MotoGP eSport Finalist and is considered a top contender for the title this year. In both races, he left his opponents behind, establishing a comfortable ten-point lead to trastevere in the standings. His brother, Cristian ‘Williams_Cristian’ Montenegro Sanchez is also part of the competition and currently occupies rank six with 21 points.

Current standings

1stAdrian ‘Williams_Adrian’ Montenegro Sanchez50 points
2ndLorenzo ‘trastevere73’ Daretti40 points
3rdMuhammad ‘Sanshoqueen’ Mulkana27 points
4thAndrea ‘AndrewZh’ Saveri25 points
5thJuan ‘Juan_nh16’ Antonio Nunez23 points
6thCristian ‘Williams_Cristian’ Montenegro Sanchez21 points
7thHenrique ‘FooXz’ Botton19 points
8thFrancisco ‘EleGhosT555’ Javier Santiago17 points
9thDavide ‘davidegallina23’ Gallina15 points
10thPutut ‘moe’ Maulana12 points
11thChristopher ‘MrTftw’ Telep11 points

Round 2 takes us to Austria and Malaysia

Each round in MotoGP’s esports calendar features two races. On Friday, the contestants will battle it out at the Red Bull Ring, Austria, and in Malaysia’s Sepang Circuit. As the last event dates back two months, we can expect to see a change in power level among the contestants: the circuits have been announced for quite a while now, so AndrewZh and others have had more than enough time to make preparations to attack the top two riders.

If you want to watch the motorcycle action live, tune in to MotoGP eSport’s YouTube channel on October 2 at 4 PM CEST.

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