Wehrlein vs Vandoorne and street magic in Baku

Wehrlein vs Vandoorne and street magic in Baku

The double-header final of Formula E, Virtual GP and Formula Renault guarantee an exiciting weekend.

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Battle for the glory

The ABB Formula E Race at Home Challenge goes into its final stage with Round 7 and 8 this weekend. Exciting as ever, the series aims to bring us an unforgettable finale as it stages two races on one weekend. The first one is going to be on Saturday and the season’s finale on Sunday. The shootout at the end awards double the points as well, creating an extra intense experience for both drivers and viewers.

The battle for the series championship is as close as possible. The latest race winner Stoffel Vandoorne took the lead from rival Pascal Wehrlein when he dominated his way to a landslide victory last weekend in virtual NYC. With the two competitors being neck-and-neck, it will be especially interesting to see if any of these two can get a decisive edge on Saturday and carry it into Sunday’s race. Thanks to the rules even the current no. 3 Maximilian Günther could still pass the favorites.

Driver Grid Standings
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To watch the action live visit Formula E’s Youtube channel on Saturday and Sunday at 2.30 PM CEST.

Will Russell’s dominance continue?

After a week to recover from the carnage and insanity at Monaco, the Virtual GP returns on Sunday June 7. With Baku we have yet another street circuit that promises to bring us a similar amount of madness. The track offers little opportunity to overtake in the middle parts as the tight corners and short straights can be tricky to handle. But without a doubt there will be plenty of attempts either way.

insanity at Monaco
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In the last two races George Russell’s dominance was hard to ignore. While the race at Brazil’s Interlagos proved to be tough, the last race at Monaco seemed effortless from Russell. After an already strong showing in the opening rounds George has found his rhythm and has been unstoppable since.

However, Russell’s fierce rivals Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc and Red Bull racer Alex Albon won’t go down without a fight. Before the action takes place, there will be a Virtual F2 event and an exhibition race featuring F1 esports pros.

The schedule looks as following:

  • 5 PM CEST – F2 Virtual GP
  • 6 PM CEST – Pro Exhibition
  • 7 PM CEST – F1 Virtual GP

If you want to witness the mayhem tune in to F1 YouTube Channel

Renault’s own esports series

On Friday the racers of the Formula Renault Eurocup will compete against each other on iRacing in the second round of the Formula Renault Esport Series 2020. Originally conceptualized as preparation for the eventual start of the season on July 9, the French series has turned heads.

Source: YouTube Renault Sport

The second round brings the pack to Canada where it will compete at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve before holding their season finale at Suzuka next week. The round will feature two 25-minute races with a qualifying before each race to determine the grid.

Last week’s winners Fabrizio Donoso and the Italian Lorenzo Colombo will surely try to extend their lead. But as the field is quite close, we could be in for two completely fresh faces on the top podium spots.

If you’re interested in some fresh Formula Renault Esports Series content, you can check out their YouTube channel. The races start on Friday at 7 PM CEST.