Will Fanatec's new CSL DD spark a hardware revolution?

Fanatec’s new CSL DD to spark a wheel revolution?

You think that direct drive technology is out of your price range? The Fanatec CSL DD aims to change that.

Photo credit: Fanatec

Direct drive technology offers the ultimate in precision and feedback from your racing wheel, but it comes at a hefty price that makes it unattainable to many racers. However, all this could be about to change with Fanatec’s announcement of a new wheel base, the CSL DD, which will go on sale at a bargain €350. Check out our video to find out why its release could mean a revolution in the world of sim racing hardware.

So what’s the big deal?

Direct drive is considered the best form of wheel base technology for a reason. A powerful motor enables direct power transmission to the user without the need for gears or a belt to act as a pulley. This increases the feeling of precision while steering – something that every sim racer will benefit from, regardless of their ability. The main issue is that this technology usually comes at a significant price – to provide some perspective, the cheapest DD Wheelbase from Fanatec to date is currently on sale for roughly €1200. That’s why the €350 asked by Fanatec for this new model could make it the bargain of the century.

The secrets behind the price

To keep the wheel base affordable, Fanatec has been smart. Firstly, the base will be entirely made by machines, which reduces manufacturing costs significantly. In addition, the claimed torque of 5Nm is not all that much – even in comparison with the similarly priced belt-driven CSL Elite, which can put out up to 6Nm. Initially, this sounds like a compromise. However, Fanatec have already revealed that there will be an option to buy a larger power brick to increase the torque up to 8Nm for those who desire it.

There is no word yet on when the Fanatec CSL DD will be released. But as soon as an announcement is made, you’ll hear about it here on OverTake!

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