The FIA GT Championship Series 2020 is about to kick off

The FIA GT Championship Series 2020 is about to kick off

The road towards the 2020 World Tour now is open. Ready? Start! The first stages for the 2020 Nations Cup as well as the Manufacturer Series are right around the corner. Thousands of players will race in ten rounds per discipline – but only one can make it to the top.

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The Nations Cup 2020 Series

Thousands of racers will enter the first stage of the Nations Cup, each player representing their country. Not only will this competition determine the best esports racers but the strongest nation in Gran Turismo as well. The opening race in Round 1 will take place on March 17 on the circuit Autodrome Lago Maggiore. There will be ten rounds in total, each Tuesday and Saturday. The season comes to an end on April 18 with the final round on the circuit Sardegna.

The best three results are taken into account to determine the final ranking.


Image source: Gran Turismo

In the 2020 Nations Cup Pre-Season, Spain managed to prove their skill best: with 1,068 points, Jose “PR1_JOSETE“ Serrano came out on top of the ranking. This first place is just another addition to his victory spree. PR1_JOSETE already claimed the title at the previous 2019/20 Exhibition Series seasons. The 17-year old is considered a tournament favourite, but other top talents are on the track of him.

Christian „PR1_Fire“ Malky has been in hot pursuit of PR1_JOSETE. The racer from Sweden consistently made it into the top three of the most recent Nations Cup seasons.

Also France sends in a fierce competitor: 17-year old BFR_DevilSoul made it into the top 3 in previous tournaments. While his results were slightly lagging behind in the Pre-Season, he might stage a comeback in the 2020 Season.

You can find additional information and how to participate here.

GT Sports Manufacturer Series

One day after the Nations Cup, the FIA Gran Turismo Championship Manufacturer Series goes into its next season as well, finishing on April 19. The opening track of the 2020 Series is the famed Autodrome Lago Maggiore. The final round will take place on Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Equal to the Nations Cup, the best three out of the ten rounds determine the ranking.

One of the tournament’s favourites is „JIM_BRacer26”. The Italian player consistently earned a spot on the podium in the previous seasons and was ranked first in the latest 2020 Series Pre-Season. JIM_BRacer26 relies on Honda, as he contributed the brand’s top rank in the Manufacturer Pre-Season.

PR1_Fire established himself as one of the strongest racers in the Manufacturers Series with even greater success: He became the number one driver at both the 2019/20 Exhibition Series – Season 2 and 3. In the Pre-Season, he only lacked 8 points to catch up with the tournament’s victor JIM_BRacer26. PR1_Fire accomplished his achievements with Nissan and Jaguar.

You can find all additional information and how to participate here.

Photo credit: Gran Turismo official homepage