Ehrlacher takes home Esports WTCR Title

Ehrlacher takes home Esports WTCR Title

Frenchman beats out Michelisz and Guerrieri in overall standings.

Photo credit: RaceRoom / Lynk & Co Cyan Racing

As the Pre-Season Esports WTCR Championship 2020 on RaceRoom moved on to its final round at Sepang on Sunday, there were still numerous contenders for the title. Frenchman Yann Ehrlacher, nephew of WTCR star Yvan Muller, remained the favorite. But after a strong race last week Norbert Michelisz, Mikel Azcona, Mato Homola and Esteban Guerrieri were still close in the standings and could possibly overtake Ehrlacher following a good result in race 1.

It was experienced driver Esteban Guerrieri who came out on top in the first race, converting his DHL Pole Position and driving himself to title contention with Ehrlacher, still securing a third place finish. Bad luck for Norbert Michelisz however, who ended up taking eighth place following some contact. Yet, the Hungarian still remained in contention despite a blow to his chances. As the drivers got ready for the second and deciding race, it became clear that the title would go to either Ehrlacher, Michelisz or race 1 winner Guerrieri.

Ehrlacher praises his rivals

Things didn’t start out great for Ehrlacher, who dropped to ninth place after some contact in the pack, while Michelisz and Guerrieri were in the clear at the front with Homola and Azcona trailing behind. Michelisz won the race closely followed by Guerrieri and Azcona, but Ehrlacher’s eventual seventh place was enough to secure his Pre-Season Esports WTCR title.

After the race, Ehrlacher shared some kind words with his fellow colleagues and looked ahead to the real competition:

First I want to congratulate everyone who took part to this championship, it was nice to see so much WTCR drivers or ex-drivers joining the series. Thanks to the organisation, it was very nice to drive in this championship with the guys. It was tough, I spent hours to fix my simulator to recover from the pre-season I did. Now I’m looking forward to the real one to start, and I hope for the same result!

Sebastian Job faces stiff competition in Porsche TAG Heuer Supercup

The 2020 Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup in iRacing moved on to its fourth round on Saturday as the competition slowly but surely nears its halfway point. At Silverstone Circuit, the 20-year old Sebastian Job defended his top slot, mainly coming from two first place finishes over at Donington Park Circuit earlier this season. The Brit had a solid showing, with a fifth and third place in the reverse grid sprint race and the endurance race respectively.

Despite Job’s great results, his closest competitors managed to inch closer in the standings. Spaniard Alejandro Sánchez from MSI eSports made up some ground by finishing in second place in the reverse grid sprint race and winning the endurance race, bringing him within 21 points of Job in the standings. The endurance race turned into a really tight affair as Sanchez battled it out with Maximilian Benecke for first place.

In an interview Sanchez commented on his victory:

I just focused on not making mistakes and being fast in the right zones. I also tried to keep Max (Benecke) in check, but it was a close race. Winning a race was one of my objectives coming into the season, while also staying in the top 5 in the standings and doing a great job.

The Porsche Tag Heuer Supercup continues on August 1, when the drivers square up again over at the Road Atlanta. The action can be watched live over on the iRacing channel on YouTube.

Sicilia and De Salvo qualify for The Real Race live final

In the fourth round of The Real Race in Assetto Corsa the drivers took to the Suzuka Racing course on Sunday, where they battled it out for a spot in the live final on September 18. In the end the race would be dominated by two drivers in particular, Jesus Sicilia and Giovanni De Salvo, who finished absurdly close to each other.

De Salvo, who won the qualifying round for the race last week, had some difficulties making his mark early on. Driving in fifth place at first and even falling back to sixth, he made it all the way to second passing Garcia, Jordan Sherratt and Amir Hosseini along the way. Jesus Sicilia eventually won despite never leading during the race.

The Real Race moves on to its final round at Laguna Seca on August 2, where three drivers will be able to qualify themselves for the live finals. The race can be watched live on the Lamborghini channel on YouTube.

PhantomACE wins Das Race

In the first episode of Das Race, twelve celebrities raced with real RC cars which they controlled from their homes. The participant list feature from drag queens over content creators to artists. The track was located in Los Angeles, California, and contained special sections like shortcuts, powerups and speed-up zones.


There were some hilarious moments during the first event as the cars would clash quite a lot and not every racer seemed to have figured out the controls. That, however, made the event even more worth watching. In the end, G2 Esports’ Rocket League player PhantomACE became the first Das Race champion just in ahead of YouTuber Wheelz and Madden Content Creator Bengal.

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