Erhan Jajovski takes lead in GT Pro Series

Erhan Jajovski takes lead in GT Pro Series

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Erhan Jajovski overtakes Kevin Siggy in the GT Pro Series. There is only one race left to determine the champion.

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Erhan Jajovski, Kevi Siggy, Rudy van Buren, or Joni Törmälä? After the fifth round of the GT Pro Series at Sebring, some racers have carved out enough of an advantage to secure the trophy soon. Despite not winning a single race, neither sprint nor endurance, Jajovski managed to snatch away rank 1 from Siggy in the standings. After round 5, Jajovski leads with 949 points, with Siggy being closely behind him at 928.

Wisniewski with best performance yet

None of these four ranking leaders was able to win the main race at Sebring though. Williams Esport’s Nikodem Wisniewski emerged victorious, after an excellent overtake maneuver seven minutes before finish, passing van Buren. The Dutchman ended the endurance race second, Martin Dyrlund placed third only shortly behind van Buren.

Siggy, who went into round 5 as point leader, had his most underwhelming finish yet. Starting the main race from P6, he eventually fell far behind, ending his run not even in the top 20.

Törmälä out of luck

Another favorite had a bad day as well. Entering the Serbing race on P3 in the standings, sim racing legend Joni Törmälä experienced a miserable start in the sprint race. He started the first round from P20 and displayed an incredible comeback, pushing as far as P10. But shortly before the end, he fell back to position 15 after a crash with Jimi Nisula.

In the main race, Törmälä had to fight with suspension damage early on. Everything the Finn could do was to stay in the race and make it to the end. By finishing 17th, he repeated his mediocre result from round 4, conceding valuable points and enabling Rudy van Buren to pass him in the overall standings.

The next and final race takes place at the legendary Le Mans circuit on May 11 at at 7 PM CEST. If you want to see the action live, make sure to tune in on the official YouTube channel.

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