Rallycross debut and Porsche match point

Rallycross debut and Porsche match point


This weekend showed us the best of the best from the world of iRacing.

Photo Credit: iRacing

The debut of the iRacing Rallycross World Championship Series 2020 left nothing to be desired. The annual series features some of the highly-rated iRacing drivers and well-known competitors from other series. The talent was demonstrated by blisteringly close racing in Round 1.

The concept of iRacing Rallycross WCS features a mixture of multiple heat races and one feature race. A heat race is comprised of five laps. The top two racers from these heat races each advance to the feature race. In the last chance qualifier, the left-over racers can battle for a spot in the feature race once again. In the main race, the top drivers can get the most amount of points. A win here is worth double the points of one in a heat race.

One guy who proved to be right back on pace is Mitchell deJong. The American was on double duty after an excellent performance in the Porsche Tag Heuer Esports Supercup. That didn’t stop him from winning his respective heat race and advancing into the feature race as the favorite. deJong won the Subaru IRX All-Star Invitational earlier this year, which showed his pace to everyone. Even with his most recent success, the young American came into this series with a chip on his shoulder. Last year, deJong fell just short of taking the iRx Championship and ended up in second place overall.

However, his perfect first day was spoiled by Finnish newcomer Ilari Lamminsivu, who won the feature race. He drove an immaculate race and was rewarded for it. deJong came over the line second. However, due to Ilari Lamminsivu not winning his heat race, Mitchell took provisional first place.

After round one, the upper table looks like the following:

Mitchell deJong26
Ilari Lamminsivu23
Jon Robertson22

Sebastian does not get the job done yet

The penultimate round of the 2020 Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup brought us once again to the Circuit de la Sarthe. The first time the field took to circuit, the race results were overturned due to controversy. This time however, everything went as planned, and the grid lined up at Le Mans.

It could have been THE day for the young Brit, Sebastian Job, but Joshua K Rogers had different plans. Driving a perfect main race, the Aussie was able to postpone the championship celebration for Sebastian Job, who sits 71 points clear of Rogers in first place.

Even though it is highly unlikely that Job will give his lead away, as even a midfield finish in the final at Monza could secure him the $200,000, anything is possible. Joshua K Rogers should never be discounted, as he showed this round.

An honorable mention: Mitchell deJong was also able to achieve the season’s best result, as he took a first in the sprint and third in the main race.

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