Jimmy Broadbent's Race for Mental Health

Jimmy Broadbent’s Race for Mental Health

Jimmy Broadbent’s second iteration of his Race for Mental Health took place at the end of November.

Photo credit: Twitter @Alex_Richh

With Christmas right around the corner, Jimmy Broadbent saw the time for the second iteration of his Race for Mental Health. The 23-hour charity event took place on November 28 and 29 and was free for everyone to join. In total, the event raised an incredible amount of more than £71,000 that was given to Mind, a mental health charity organization for England and Wales.

A community standing together

In Jimmy’s event, the esports racing scene really showed its admirable team spirit: Even before the event started, the total goal of £10,000 was reached in the fund. Donations of £15 were required from each team that participated – and participation really was high throughout the event. The selected track for the race was Zolder and participants had the full 23 hours to master the course all the way through.

Even some popular influencers like Jaroslav ‘Jardier’ Honzík and WTF1 host Matt Gallagher took part in the event. Although Jimmy Broadbent himself was knocked out of the race by a spectacular crash, the event was an absolute success.

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