Virtual Race of Champions crowns winner

Virtual Race of Champions crowns winner

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Is the time of esports racing events with stars from real racing already over?

With Formula 1 going back to business this week, we probably won’t see any of F1’s big stars in the virtual events for a while. Even more reason for you to have enjoyed this last one. We had a blast watching celebrities like Vandoorne, Deletraz and Rast trying to race their way to the top.

The virtual side of the coin

But also many notable esports racers entered the competition. Professionals like IMSA champion Nils Naujoks, SRO winner Arthur Kammerer and World’s Fastest Gamer James Baldwin also raced their hearts out to become this year’s Race of Champions champion.

Because of the unique situation due to the coronavirus pandemic, there was even one extra race to determine the fastest racer on the virtual track. In a final event the winners of the eRace and the regular race went head-to-head. To crown the one true champion of champions. In the end, it all came down to James Baldwin and Timmy Hansen battling it out. Baldwin eventually showed why he is considered the fastest gamer and earned the title deservedly.

The race continues

The rivalry of Hansen and Baldwin even continued into the final of the nations cup, where both their respective teams managed to get into the finals. Once more Baldwin dominated, winning everything this year’s edition had to offer.

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