VCO Nations Cup ends with a blast

VCO Nations Cup ends with a blast

A true nailbiter of a series took place in the VCO Nations Cup last weekend.

Photo credit: VCO Nations Cup

With the VCO Cup of Nations, one hell of a race has ended. In contrast to the usual format of racing in esports, the racers didn’t just drive for themselves this time. In teams of four, they drove for their respective nation.

With Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Spain and Chile in the final of the competition, the European dominance was clearly visible. In the end, it was a neck and neck race between the teams of Germany and France. Both countries led the standings at some point during the weekend.

Excitement even until after the last second

In the VCO Cup of Nations, it all came down to the final race to determine which team would win the title as well as £ 4,000 prize money.

While Max Benecke managed to win the deciding last race, the rest of his team wasn’t able to show a similar performance. The next best German racer ended the race in 10th place.

The French team on the other hand delivered as a whole. All of the French drivers ended the last race in a place between second and seventh. With the overall standings being extremely close, no one knew for sure how the final scoreboard would look like.

Germany beats France by a few points

But the first place of Max Benecke in the deciding race was enough for Germany to edge out France and win the title. Only 6 points separated these two nations in first and second place.

With this, Team Germany took home not only the title at the VCO Cup of Nations, but also £ 4,000 prize money.

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