F1 super team and VRS Coanda victorious at Spa

F1 super team and VRS Coanda victorious at Spa

Last weekend 24 Hours of Spa and the Pre-Season Esports WTCR Championship delivered some thrilling racing.

Photo credit: VCO Motorsport, Coanda Simsport

VRS Coanda surrounding Porsche Esports Supercup champion Joshua K Rogers and iRacing veteran Jeremy Bouteloup secured victory at 24 Hours of Spa virtual on iRacing on July 11-12. Coanda outpaced MSI eSports Red by only 20 seconds. MAHLE Racing Team placed third. Coanda was able to lead early on and avoided the shenanigans that occured in the beginning, leaving other teams unable to catch up. It’s not the first time VRS Coanda Simsport came out on top in the 24 Hours of Spa, as they also won the very first iRacing iteration back in 2014.

Meanwhile, Formula 1 legends Fernando Alonso and Rubens Barrichello emerged victorious in the seventh split. Their squad FA/RB Allingsports included esports racers Olli Pahkala and Jarleien as well as Indycar ace Tony Kanaan. Isaac Gillissen, Balazs Remenyik and Dan Kell completed the squad. They started from pole and maintained their lead for quite a while, until Whatever Racing took over.

However, in the second half of the race, Whatever Racing was forced to retire after a severe crash. This brought the team of the F1 stars back to first place which they held until the end, followed by Team Tortuga and Virtual Gaming Academy Warzone.

Azcona challenges Ehrlacher and Michelisz

The fifth round of the Pre-Season Esports WTCR Championship 2020 on July 12 proved to be a very important one, as the competition only has two more rounds to go including the fifth one. The Frenchman Yann Ehrlacher and the Hungarian pilot Norbert Michelisz led the rankings going into the fifth round, but faced some stiff competition throughout both races.

Spanish racer Mikel Azcona started the first race from pole position and was able to win, while still facing some competition coming from current first-placed contestant Yann Ehrlacher, who ended ther first race in second place. The Argentinian Néstor Girolami would round out the podium. Azcona would also post the fastest lap of the day. In race 2 it was Norbert Michelisz who showed up strong and took home the victory in a race riddled with accidents and collisions.

In the standings Azcona now moves up to third place, with Ehrlacher and Michelisz still holding on to place one and two. With the sixth and final round coming up it seems like it’ll be a an interesting race with both Ehrlacher and Michelisz in close proximity to each other when it comes to points.

F1 2020 receives favorable reviews

On July 10 Codemasters released their new racing game F1 2020 worldwide. The anniversary edition received a lot of favorable reviews from notable media outlets such as Eurogamer and PC Gamer. One of the most talked about aspects is the gameplay, further refining the racing experience to please hardcore fans and more casual fans alike. The multiplayer is once again very strong and one of the games strongest aspects. Of course, OverTake tested the game thoroughly. You can see our review right here:


Especially the newly introduced game mode “My Team” garnered a lot of attention before release. It is being praised by players for its depth and the ability to customize your experience. With My Team F1 2020 makes an ambitious step forward by exploring new terrain with its exhaustive management aspect.

Creating a brand-new platform for esports racing comes from a necessity the community was lacking. Because esports racing has taken the whole world, it deserves a proper stage to shine. With fans all over the globe, OverTake is here to unite them all in one place – a bold move that we’re up to achieve together with the community.