Weekend Recap: Clash of Racers and Le Mans

Weekend Recap: Clash of Racers and Le Mans

Last weekend offered numerous highlights for dedicated racing fans and rookies alike.

The Sim Masters division of The Race All-Star Series took the competitors to Indianapolis on Friday. The rFactor 2 double race determined two winners: Jernej Simoncic and Yuri Kasdorp. In a close last lap, Simoncic overtook race leader Alen Terzic with a bold maneuver towards the end. While Simoncic carved out a well-deserved victory, Terzic made another crucial mistake which cost him a podium placement as he was passed by both Mike Epps and Liam de Waal.

In the second race, the pilots started in a reversed grid. Although Erhan Jajovski and Lucas Blakeley took the lead for a while, it was another racer who won eventually: Yuri Kasdorp. The Dutchman overtook Jajovski in the last lap and defended his first place fiercely against any attempts from the Macedonian to retake it. In the end, Kasdorp won by the skin of his teeth, with Jajovski finishing second and Muhammed Patel placing third.

In the Legend series, stunt performer and X Games competitor Travis Pastrana staged his debut against pilots like Jensen Button and Fernando Alsonso. Although he ended up on P13 and P16 in the two races, his participation received much attention, enhancing the hype surrounding the series.

The final event is scheduled for June 27 at 6 PM CEST and takes place at Le Mans. You can watch the event on the official The Race YouTube channel.

First race

1st: Jernej Simoncic
2nd: Mike Epps
3rd: Liam de Waal
4th: Alen Terzic
5th: Kamil Pawlowski

Second race

1st: Yuri Kasdorp
2nd: Erhan Jajovski
3rd: Muhammed Patel
4th: Lars Brugman
5th: Maciej Mlynek

Team Redline makes up for Le Mans

After a disappointing run at the Le Mans event on rFactor 2 on June 13, Team Redline redeemed themselves at the iRacing edition of the endurance race last weekend. The line-up surrounding Dominik Färber won the LMP1 class, with more than a one-and-a-half-minute lead. Their LMP2 squad, Team Redline HPD, finished second in their category, only giving in to Mivano Simracing. SimRC claimed the victory in the GTE class, with Biela Racing Team Euronics 1 and Mahle Racing Team coming in second and third.


OverTake celebrates launch with Clash of Racers

OverTake celebrated its launch with a special event on Twitch last Sunday. iRacing ace Max Benecke and former League of Legends pro and F1 afficionado Kevin “kev1n” Rubiszewski captained two teams in an epic racing event. While Max’ Team Red boasted racing prodigy Cem Bolukbasi, sim racing star Jimmy Broadbent, and LGBTQ+ ambassador Charlie Martin, kev1n was supported by World’s Fastest Gamer James Baldwin, racing influencer MaximeMXM, and streamer Dave Gaming on Team Green.

Additionally there were two wildcard winners from the community that joined the two teams in the epic clash for glory. The teams competed in different racing games against each other, including Trackmania 2, iRacing, Gran Turismo and Mario Kart. In the end, it was Max’ Team Red prevailing 49-37. If you happened to miss this exciting event, you can watch the full VoD on Twitch.

Creating a brand-new platform for esports racing comes from a necessity the community was lacking. Because esports racing has taken the whole world, it deserves a proper stage to shine. With fans all over the globe, OverTake is here to unite them all in one place – a bold move that we’re up to achieve together with the community.