Yohann Harth scores triple victory in iRX

Yohann Harth scores triple victory in iRX

Current iRX leader Jon Roberston needs to watch out: Yohann Harth is charging for the title.

Photo credit: RaceRoom Twitter

Two major tournaments took place past weekend: the 2020 iRacing Rallycross World Championship (iRX) and the Esports WTCR 2020 in RaceRoom. While one driver celebrated three victories in a row, another racer had to bite through technical issues. Let’s take a look at the past round in the two events.

Yohann Harth scores triple victory in iRacing Rallycross World Championship

The 2020 iRacing Rallycross World Championship held its fourth event last Saturday, October 24. Twenty iRacing drivers stepped up to Round 4 which took place at the Iowa Speedway Raceway. One of the talents delivered a particularly dominant performance: French simracer Yohann Harth.

Not only did the member of Apex Racing Team finish first in the Qualifying race, he kept his pace and scored maximum points in the Heat Race and the Main Race as well. Harth won Round 4 with a gap of +0.306 ahead of runner-up Mitchell deJong.

Round 4 Main Race standings:

  • 🥇 Yohann Harth
  • 🥈 Mitchell deJong
  • 🥉 Rasmus Tuominen

The three victories put Harth closer to the top in the overall standings. He now sits in second place overall, 13 points behind current first place Jon Robertson.

Round 5 will take place at Lånkebanen (Hell RX), October 31. All races can be watched on the official YouTube channel of iRacing.

Baldi still leads the Esports WTCR 2020

In RaceRoom‘s Esports WTCR 2020, the second round of the event took place at Slovakia Ring this Sunday, October 25. The tournament consists of three races in each round, and there were three different winners in the latest round:

  • Race 1: Dávid Nagy
  • Race 2: Bence Bánki
  • Race 3: Florian Hasse

For Bence Bánki, the newly acquired points were enough to get him on the current podium in the overall standings, elevating him to 103 points. Two racers from M1RA Esports however are still leading at the moment: David Nagy (109 points) and Gergo Baldi who acquired a total of 122 points.

Argentinian motorsports racer Esteban Guerrieri participates in the event as well, but was out of luck in this race. Due to technical issues in qualifying, his lap times were not recorded. Nonetheless, he was able to go full speed despite starting from the back of the grid and scored points.

The WTCR 2020 continues on November 1 with the Spanish MotorLand Aragón as next track. You can watch all rounds on the official YouTube channel of RaceRoom.

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