FIA Esports Survey 2023
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FIA Launches 2023 Esports Survey

Esports may be a bit of a controversial topic among sim racers. To gauge the current views as well as wants, the FIA launched the 2023 Esports Survey.

There is no denying that sim racing esports have been on an upwards trend in the last few years. Competitions like Virtual Le Mans, GT World Challenge Esports or F1 Esports have grown significantly. And professional real-world racing drivers participated in them – some still do.

While some like watching top-level virtual racing, others hardly feel any excitement for it. The 2023 Esports Survey has been launched to “gather data from the global Esports community, so that the FIA can better understand it and help with its development”, as the survey introduction states.

No matter their involvement in esports or lack thereof, the survey adresses all sim racers. It could also help in gauging the popularity of different titles. Even if you do not watch or participate in sim racing esports, your answers may help in shaping the overall picture.

The survey asks for the sims the community plays and how frequently, among other things. These include whether or not you are interested in real-life racing, and how the involvement of the FIA and national sporting federations might influence esports and sim racing. Additionally, you can state in which positions you participate in real motorsport and sim racing.

If you want to take part in the survey, simply click here. Its findings will be available before the end of the year. Of course, we will share the results with you as soon as we get a hold of them!

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