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Wirtual Teams Up with Twitch Rivals for TrackMania Showdown


16 TrackMania players, eight teams of one pro and one novice apiece, are set to compete for a share of the $25,000 TrackMania Twitch Rivals prize pool.

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Tonight, eight of the best TrackMania pro players will team up with eight content creators or pros from various MOBAs in a series of challenges. The event will be hosted by Wirtual and Twitch Rivals.

The competitors will compete across three different game modes within TrackMania. Teams will compete in the Duo’s Cup, Flag Rush and Pathfinder game modes.

How Will it Work?

In the Duo’s Cup, pro players and their teammates are placed in separate lobbies. Teams will earn points on the following scale: 15-12-10-8-7-5-4-3. Once a team collectively accumulates 150 points, they will be considered on ‘match point’. The first team to win a round after scoring 150 points wins the Duo’s Cup segment of the competition. The finishing order of the teams at that stage earn points, which go 50-40-35-30-25-20-10-0.

Following that is the Flag Rush segment. The placements from the Duo’s Cup decide how the teams will be formatted in a seeding system, and they’ll go head-to-head. Teams earn points for match wins and flag captures, with 20 points for a match win and 2 per flag captured.

Then finally, there’s the Pathfinder segment. The variety creator or MOBA player will drive around a track, while their TrackMania pro teammate advises them on the best path for the quickest time. Each team takes to the track one at a time and the order is decided by reversing the points standings after the previous two games, with last place going first.

The points after Pathfinder’s segment reflect that of the points handed out after the Duo’s Cup. That will then make up the finishing order of the event.

The TrackMania Twitch Rivals Prize Pool

The prize pool is $25,000 and the pair that wins will earn $10,000. The second placed team gets $5,000, while third and fourth get S2,500. Then it’s $1,000 for fifth and sixth, and $500 for seventh and eighth. Bonuses are also provided for players who perform the best in each individual segment.

Bonuses of $250 are given out to the pro and MOBA/variety creator with the fastest laps in their respective Duo’s Cup lobbies. Another $500 will go to the player who captures the most flags in Flag Rush. Then finally, $1,000 to the team with the fastest lap time in Pathfinder.

How to Watch

The stream begins at 7pm Central European Time, and will be broadcast to the Twitch Rivals official channel. Viewership for the event is expected to be high, as many fans will tune in to see TrackMania specialists compete for a slice of the $25,000 prize pool.

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