Esports meets charity at Logged In Festival

Esports meets charity at Logged In Festival

You want to support charity while you #stayathome and watch esports? Tune in to Logged In Festival!

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Logged In Festival is not your typical everyday festival. It’s a gaming event created to bring the esports community together to “enjoy fun and positive content with each other, in times of a serious global state of emergency.” It was created by the famous esports organization Unicorns of Love and German project developer Home United.

Esports racing is #loggedin

Logged In Festival has established various entertaining formats, featuring stars from both esports and traditional sports. Every day, there’s new content you can either watch live or as a VoD on Twitch or YouTube. The event has been created by German organizations mainly, which is why some of the shows will be held in German and some in English.

For example, several soccer pros already competed against fans or each other in FIFA. There have been expert talks about sport and esports with guests such as football coach Patrick Esume.

But Logged In Festival is also about the conventional games that are just fun to play: Basketball legend Dirk Nowitzki met up with some old friends for a round of UNO. German Rapper Samy Deluxe tested his language skills in Scrabble.

And of course, there is also racing action at the festival. Each Saturday, a DTM driver will face-off against fans in Mario Kart 8.

In the first race, two-time DTM champion Rene Rast and German rapper Smudo competed against the community. It was great fun to see both of them having their own struggles with the game, so check out the VoD.

Support charity

While you can watch a lot of entertaining shows on their Twitch channel, theLogged In Festival is mainly about charity. All donations generated during the festival will be distributed to the “people affected by Covid-19 and the ‘Heroes of Corona’.”

“In order to reach as many people as possible, we urgently need your support. Your donation will enable better hygiene conditions, sufficient food supplies and effective prevention work. Be part of the worldwide aid – together we will make the difference.”

The festival is working together with Caritas International. In addition, a non-profit organization is currently being founded which will “distribute all the donations 1 to 1 to the everyday heroes in this crisis.”

So far, more than €13,000 have been raised and there’s more to come in the next weeks and months. Enjoy some great events, support charity and #stayathome.

Teaser source: Logged In Festival

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