WTCR Premier, Battle in Porsche Cup and SRO Grand Final

WTCR Premier, Battle in Porsche Cup and SRO Grand Final

Let’s have a look at all the highlights of the upcoming week starting on Sunday June 14.

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Prestige in New Ways

The organizers lined up with ESPN

June 13 marks the beginning of a new adventure: 24 Hour of Le Mans. A variety of simracing superstars and racing legends take their spot on the grid.

In extensive coverage we analyzed many aspects about the upcoming event. Check out articles about an all-women team, the Porsche squads and interviews with sim racing legends to know more about the event we are all anxious to see.

If you want experience this monumental event live tune in on Saturday, June 13 at 3.00 PM CEST on It will also be broadcasted on TV by ESPN and Eurosport.

WTCR Preseason goes Virtual

The FIA World Touring Car Cup is an established racing series popular with the fans around the world. The preseason gets an extra spicy component as they announced their own esports series.

This year’s preseason will feature six races that will take place June 14 – July 19, visiting historical tracks like the Salzburgring or Sepang.

The line-up will feature real-life competitors as well as former racers of WTCR. Every participant will stream with a webcam and microphone, as most esports drivers usually do.

The event is going to be broadcasted on television by Eurosport. The production will have the same capacities as the actual WTCR. This means a crew of 30 people working to make the experience as real as possible for fans.

The stage for the virtual WTCR is going to be RaceRoom, which makes sense since it already features the DTM’s version of esports. The first broadcast is scheduled for Sunday, June 14, at 3.15 PM CEST.

Reaching for Greatness at Circuit de la Sarthe

A week after the 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual, the Porsche Tag Heuer Esports Supercup visits the historical French track in Round 4.

The field is evenly matched with only a six-point difference between the first place Joshua K Rogers and the British runner-up Sebastian Job.


With back-to-back wins in both the sprint race and the featured race at Donington Park, Sebastian Job carries a lot of momentum coming into round four. Joshua K Rogers didn’t fumble completely as he ended in fifth place at the sprint race and reached second in the featured race. Round 4 could mean a turning point for either pilot.

But they shouldn’t disregard their other competitors Tommy Ostgaard and Max Benecke, who are also well within reach of the lead. Ostgaard has shown incredible consistency as he only slipped once out of the top ten. Max Benecke had his downs in a terrible first week. However, after that he brought home two wins at Catalunya and remained top class ever since.

competition at Le Mans

It will be interesting to see if anyone can get an advantage of the extensive competition at Le Mans in recent and coming weeks. Maybe practice makes perfect as both Rogers and Ostgaard as well as many other drivers are featured at the race this weekend.

If you want to see who secures themselves the coveted points in the hunt for the championship tune in on Saturday, June 20, to iRacing’s Yotube channel at 12 PM CEST.

Grand Finals in the SRO series

We have seen four breathtakingly exciting rounds of action in all SRO series. Round 5 will feature the Grand Final both the Pro and Silver Series on Sunday, June 21.

Looking at the Pro Series, Formula 1 test driver Louis Deletraz is placed first with a relatively comfortable lead of ten points. A top spot in Round 5 would surely mean the championship for him. But fierce rival Lorenzo “Leo” Marcucci won’t go down without a fight. The Italian former Nascar driver still has hope after a blistering performance last time. For the major part of last race, the two Audis of him and Arthur Rougier were in constant competition. It was only towards the end that he managed to edge out his second place finish going into the final.

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SRO’s Silver Series championship is a lot tighter. The German Arthur Kammerer is hunting point leader Patrick Selva. After a start-to-finish victory at Catalunya Kammerer seems to be in form to deliver. Selva won’t flinch from him, however, having a two-point advantage for now.

SRO’s Silver Series championship

Kammerer and Selva have dropped points before. They have lacked consistency throughout the season. Can this circumstance break their neck and open the path for another contender?

Should they run out of luck and fail to score again, we could see third place David Tonizza slide into prime position to take home the championship. Last year’s F1 esports champion would surely love to add this trophy to his collection.

The featured track will be the South African circuit of Kyalami. Opened in 1967 the track returned to the racing world last year.

If you want to witness the Grand Finals all packed in one event, tune in to the GT World Youtube Channel on Sunday, June 21.