Top 6 moments from Clash of Racers

Top 6 moments from Clash of Racers

Friendly trash talk and highly competitive Mario Kart: Let’s take a look at the launch stream highlights.On Sunday, we celebrated the official launch of OverTake with our first ever stream on Twitch. For our “Clash of Racers” event, we invited some of the most popular esports racers to deliver an entertaining show for our viewers – and also let them compete in a friendly challenge.

Two teams featuring esports racing personalities and community members were battling each other in seven different racing games. From a neck-to-neck chase in Forza Motorsport 7, to a ridiculous round in Trackmania to the grand finale of the evening in Mario Kart, the competition was heated but at the same time, all participants had lots of fun. Of course, the winners of our launch event were awarded with the first ever Clash of Racers trophy. The community participants received a special prize as well: a top-notch AOC AG272FCX6 monitor.

The road to the finals was accompanied with banter and funny moments in-game. Team Green was led by Kevin “kev1n” Rubiszewski. His counter-part was Max Benecke who captained Team Red. Their team-mates challenged each other one-on-one in several disciplines, collecting points and earning community votes on the way.

The final Mario Kart with the “Don’t-drink-and-drive” challenge decided who would win the first OverTake event ever. During this battle, the captains had to empty a drink before crossing the finish line, but they could only drink from it while staying still. Max Benecke was able to claim the win, taking his Team Red to victory.

We collected some of the highlights for you. If you want to check out more of what happened during the launch stream, take a look into our detailed report about the event here.

But without further ado, let’s jump right into the best clips:

1. James Baldwin is on fire joking about Dave’s rig collection

2. Dave be like “goodbye, have a beautfiful time back there”

3. Jimmy flames Maxime

4. Jimmer and his shed-life

5. Classic Trackmania chaos

6. Max wins Mario Kart first try – his new signature title?

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