DIRT 5 Playgrounds Review: The new feature up close

DIRT 5 Playgrounds Review: Up Close

DIRT 5 offers a brand new feature: Playgrounds. Let’s dive into the world of track building.The dirtier, the merrier! Codemasters’ fifth instalment of the DIRT series is in its last lap of production. It is about to be released in October 2020. We got the chance to try out one of the brand-new features of the game: Playgrounds! So get your craziest blueprints ready and let us take a closer look at the construction site.

DIRT 5 Playgrounds: Easy to use but still versatile

The new feature Playgrounds lets you create your own tracks from scratch. Assembling the circuits is fairly easy, as you can simply choose from different elements such as the basic road, steep ramps, flaming loops or obstacles for stunts and puzzle them together.

Therefore, it is an easy tool for beginners to explore and have fun with. But it is also a way for experts to create new content. You can share Playgrounds with friends and the community who can rate your tracks.

Three different modes

Playgrounds is not just a map editor, but it offers three different modes waiting to be tested, which are:

Smash Attack: Create mazes and treasure hunts your friends have to solve
Gate Crasher: Set up tracks to determine the fastest racer in time trials
Gymkhana: Players have to achieve the most trick points with stunts and performances

Endless racing action is waiting

Overall, Playgrounds comes with a great soundtrack and amazing graphics. The handling is easy and the game provides plenty of options to design tracks with your own individual twist. So once you want to take a break from the main game or mastered every single official circuit, there will be an endless library with more content – or the components to come up with new stuff yourself.

On top of that: with all these potential new tracks, hopefully a great community will come together to share their ideas and creations.

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