Build your own cars with Automation!

Build your own cars with Automation!

Become an engineering pro and start up your own car factory with Automation.

Photo credit: Automation on Steam

Cars sure are fascinating – but have you ever wondered how they work? Or how they are being built? If yes, we might just have the perfect game for you to get the hang of car design, no need to study engineering: Automation is the magic word. Calling itself a ‘Car Company Tycoon’ game, it is just what you need to find your way into the virtual industry. Allow us to introduce you to your new favorite tool for automobile construction!

Become the boss

Engines are complex machinery and it might seem like a daunting task to fully understand or even design one by yourself. But fear not: Automation starts with the basics. Slowly guiding you through the engine processes and physics of the chassis, the game will give you an idea of what you want your ideal car to look like.

Once you’re done engineering your car, the game takes you further, as your marvelous technological composition still has to enter worldwide markets! In the marketing section of the game, you can administrate your very own car brand from scratch. Starting with producing the vehicles by yourself, you are the boss of the company and can handle absolutely everything all the way to the customer.

For players who are more into designing and testing their newest inventions, Automation also features a mode for you to bring your cars to the limit – also crashing or even shredding them, if need be. As the game is still in an early access state, though, you might have to compromise on a slight inaccuracy of the in-game physics. Nevertheless, the game has a lot to offer for enthusiasts of the automobile industry or car engineering in general. If you count yourself among them, be sure to give Automation a shot!

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