Can Version 1.2 save Automobilista 2?

Can Version 1.2 save Automobilista 2?

Reiza brings Update 1.2 and the Racin’ USA DLC to Automobilista 2. As a flawed game with a declining playerbase, is this enough to save it?

Photo credit: Automobilista 2 / Reiza

Automobilista 2 is struggling. After its release in March 2020 the updates came thick and fast, but didn’t solve the numerous flaws in the game. After stagnating for a few months, Reiza has released Update 1.2 and the Racin’ USA DLC. Do they inject the game with a new lease of life? Find out in our video!

Some cool new additions

While some updates bring very little in the way of obvious differences to a game, this cannot be said of Update 1.2. The “real weather” and “LiveTrack” pre-sets hook AMS2 with 40 years of real-life weather data, so you can race in the exact conditions that happened on the date of your choice! This certainly takes weather realism to a new level – other games are sure to follow suit.

Another new addition is enhanced dynamic lighting effects and shadows. AMS2 already looked good in previous versions, especially in VR – but flickering shadows often spoiled the shine and ripped you right out of the immersion. Well, this has now been changed. Combined with new, improved force feedback, the game is now better to drive than ever before.

God bless America!

The new Racin’ USA DLC brings you more treats. The GTE class is expanded with 3 cars: the BMW M8, Porsche 911 RSR and the Corvette C8. There is also the Cadillac Dpi.V.R, which solely forms the new DPI class. Three new tracks were added too and as the name suggests, all of them are American. Laguna Seca, Daytona and Long Beach are certainly welcome additions to the game. At €12.99 the DLC isn’t cheap, but could offer some exciting racing thrills.

Do you think these updates and additions make Automobilista 2 worth another look? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!

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