Fun-racer of the year? Hot Wheels Unleashed Review

Hot Wheels Unleashed: Fun-Racer of the Year?

Hot Wheels Unleashed will be released on 30 September. We here at OverTake got the chance to test out the action-packed racer beforehand. So, here is our Hot Wheels Unleashed review.

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Did you have Hot Wheels when you were younger, or maybe you still have them now? Aren’t they the definition of imagination unbound? Many of us will remember how we sat down and made all the most incredible cars race against each other endlessly. This dream can now become a reality. With Hot Wheels Unleashed, you can turn your fantasy world inside out.

The most exciting action racer in a long time comes courtesy of Milestone. They are the developer of the MotoGP franchise and are very well known amongst the community. While this may not be much like their usual work, the results speak for themselves.

What is Hot Wheels Unleashed?

In Hot Wheels Unleashed, you race, collect, drift and defeat scary spiders to obtain all the fan-favorite cars. The gameplay is what you would expect: fast, action-packed racing against the AI, your friends or other players online. On an array of unique tracks, the game lets you loose against a field of equally mental opponents. In order to win, you have to be smart and quick with your hands. If you fumble on one move, you may find yourself off of the track and in need of a respawn.

While new cars can be bought from a rotating roster of cars, you can also purchase loot box-esque cases in order to test your luck. While you may hear your microtransaction alarm going off already, you are mistaken. In this game, you do not pay real money for your cars. The ingame currency called “Gold Coins” can only be obtained by winning races.

Graphics and Gamemodes

In terms of graphics, Hot Wheels looks solid as well. The game features a vast array of bright colors and fancy light scenes. The car movements and hectic moments all look perfectly fluid, even on a PC that is not state of the art. The audio experience is something special as well. The in-game songs are very well selected and keep you excited in between the races.

What we didn’t like was the lack of commitment to a single-player story. Most of the presented races in the story mode were just a bit bland. There were no cutscenes or animations to get the player invested. Instead, there were just the same cinematic shots of the venues every time. Likewise, the multiplayer options are minimal at the moment. Maybe with the game’s release, that will change, but we did not feel the itch to jump in against other players.

While not a revolutionary racing game, Hot Wheels Unleased does a surprising amount of things well. It is captivating and has a nice zing to it—absolutely a great game for anybody who is looking for a nice afternoon of fun.

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