WRC 9 Review: More rally than ever

WRC 9 Review: More rally than ever


WRC 9 is the brand-new rally title by developer Kylotonn. We tested the waters for you.

The rally world is one of controlled madness and skillful driving. The WRC series has sought to infuse that into the gaming world since its inception. The newest iteration WRC 9 is no different. Developer Kylotonn, partnered with Nacon, has brought us a new game with updates on features and improvements in gameplay and visuals.

Cloudy with a chance of severe fun

Thanks to Kylotonn a rally is fun both in real life and in-game as well. WRC has really improved its fun factor with its newest title. The game feels addictive from the start. Even frustrating aspects like an AI with a little too much speed only adds to it’s appeal. Anyone who enjoys challenging racing will have a field-day with WRC 9.


WRC is known for sticking to its core, and this version is no different. Many improvements feel like Kylotonn has polished up WRC 8. The main points are quality of life improvements like spectacular weather animations. However, there is no groundbreaking difference that will make a complete newcomer choose WRC 9 over its predecessor. If you are looking for a completely revamped game, you might have to wait another year and hope for the best.