Is Buying Gran Tursimo 7 on PS4 Worth it?

Is Buying Gran Tursimo 7 on PS4 Worth it?

For many of us a PS5 is an unobtainable item. So, how good is the version of Gran Turismo 7 for the PS4?

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For many simracers out there, the release of Gran Turismo 7 will have been met with a combination of both hype and a feeling of wistfulness. This is because plenty of people who own a PlayStation, haven’t been able to make the switch from PS4 to PS5 just yet. While the game is available on both platforms, it’s a safe assumption that the PS4 version would be significantly worse than the PS5 one – but is it really?

Up to the Task

Our very own ChampionJoe decided to conduct an investigation as to whether or not the PS4 version of GT7 had any major issues. He collected ten of the most asked questions from among our community and went to work answering each and every one of them. First and foremost, is there content missing from the PS4 version? Happily, the answer here is simply ‘no’. Every feature that is available in the PS5 version is also available on the PS4 as well.

Next, he took a look at the graphics. Of course, due to the weaker hardware in the PS4, some graphical sacrifices had to be made, and you can see just how different the two versions look in our video. The next question, whether the game runs smoothly on PS4, also yields a positive answer for PS4 players. GT7 runs very smoothly indeed, with no major stuttering issues or frame drops.

But how bad are the loading times? What advantages does the PS5 version actually have? To see all the evidence for yourself, as well as to find out what the answers to all the other questions were, go ahead and give our latest video a watch now!

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