Overpass: A challenging puzzler for racing fans

Overpass: A challenging puzzler for racing fans

Zordix Racing’s Overpass is an unusual racing game. But does it meet the expectations of all racing fans?

Overpass was released on February 27, 2020, and brings new wind into the offroad genre. Unlike most other racing games, Overpass doesn’t let you compete against other racers directly. Instead, the game is all about you and the numerous obstacle-laden tracks which demand high levels of focus and precision from you.

Developer Zordix Racing created a truly unique game which often comes across as a puzzle in disguise of a racing game. However, that doesn’t mean fans of sim racing and arcade racers cannot have fun with it: the tracks challenge your mechanics to the fullest, as you have to master the game’s excellent physics engine – if you use the right periphery, that is.

Overpass isn’t exactly the perfect game, but it certainly has its very own niche. In our video review, we analyze its strengths and weaknesses thoroughly, and which player base will have the most fun with it. Also, we’ll have a look at the game’s content quantity and quality.

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