Review: which racing games to play on Playstation 5

Review: which racing games to play on Playstation 5

Racing games for the PlayStation 5: which ones are worth buying and which titles need another pit stop?

Photo credit: MXGP Video Game official homepage

The next generation of consoles is fresh on the market and you know what that means: you can experience racing games on the next level! For Sony’s new PlayStation 5, there are several titles waiting to be tested.

Do you want to relive your favorite games in an upgraded 4k resolution with 60 fps or experience brand new titles? The PS5 has you covered! No matter if you prefer old-school Gran Turismo racing, a crazy new destruction derby or the next version in the Motocross GP series: we analyzed all available racing games for you. Is newer always better and is it worth upgrading the old PS4 classics to next gen? Let’s find out in our review.

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