RiMS Racing Reviewed: As Good as MotoGP 21?

RiMS Racing Review: As Good as MotoGP 21?

There is a hot new motorbike racing simulator in town. But is it any good? Find out in our RiMS Racing review!

Photo credit: RaceWard Studios

An all new motorcycle racing simulator has just hit the market, and its name is RiMS Racing. With games such as Ride 4 and MotoGP 21 currently dominating the motorbike racing game scene, we took the time to give this new kid on the block a trial run. Watch our YouTube video to find out what we thought of RiMS Racing!

The Selling Points of RiMS Racing

RiMS Racing finds itself somewhere between Ride 4 and MotoGP 21 when it comes to realism and faithful simulation. Aspects such as the bike maintenance feature definitely kick the game’s realism up a notch, as does the sheer variety and quantity of extra parts you can swap in and out on your bike.

However, the focus on additional parts and customisation comes at a price, that being the number of bikes available in the game. As of right now, there are only eight bikes available for players to choose between. Is this trade-off worth it? And what do we think of the bike maintenance aspect of the game?

Plusses and Minuses

There are plenty of great aspects of RiMS Racing, but there are also some downsides as well. Graphically, the game doesn’t stand up to what MotoGP 21 can offer, and there isn’t a whole lot of multiplayer content available. On the other hand, the single player game modes are varied and in-depth, and the feel when driving the bikes themselves is certainly up to par.

So, what did we think of the game overall, and would we recommend it to you? Take a look at the video, where all these answers and more can be found!

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