2014's The Crew Delisted, Dies March

2014’s The Crew Delisted, Dies March

The giant open-world racer from Ubisoft is no longer on sale digitally, and the servers will be pulled in March 2024.

It’s nearly time to say goodbye to the first The Crew game, as the open-world driving game’s servers will be cut on 31st March 2024.

As it’s an online-only title, once the online connectivity is removed, the entire game will no longer be playable.

The Crew, Ubisoft
Image: Ubisoft

In addition to the servers being switched off early next year, the game and the Wild Run expansion have been removed from digital stores – be that PC, PlayStation or Xbox. It’s also been pulled from the Ubisoft+ game library subscription service.

Those who do own it in their digital libraries or in physical form can of course play the game for just over three months before its death.

If you happened to have recently purchased the USA-based game via Ubisoft Connect, you can request a refund.

The Beginning Of The Crew Franchise

The Crew marked the beginning of a popular franchise, initially making use of Asobo Studio’s environment technology seen in the 2009 title Fuel. It meant that there was an estimated playable area of up to 7,000 km².

It was also met with a somewhat mixed reception, the ‘car-pg’ elements becoming a bit of a drag – you would likely finish the main campaign using the same vehicle throughout with glacial upgrade progression.

Its online co-op system was, however, a draw and the 2018 sequel much improved. That particular platform reached over two million monthly active players. However, it was this year’s The Crew Motorfest that is undoubtedly the most beloved, thanks to a tighter focus and varied landscape.

The Crew joins Gran Turismo Sport as a racing game that will be lost to the annals of time next year.

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