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A Guide To’s Secret Career Mode‘s developers released the much anticipated 0.26 update back in September. Alongside the update, came their first iteration of the long-awaited career mode. But how do you access it? What is there to do? And is it any good in its current form?

I-Series after not obeying basic traffic laws. Image credit: BeamNG GmbH

How To Access BeamNG’s Career Mode

For many BeamNG players, career mode is just the blank grey button on the main menu. However, the worst-kept secret on the forums is how to get beyond that button. Many users simply stumble across how to access it, while others go out of their way to discover the new mode. Regardless of how you find it, It’s an ingenious implementation from the developers to create real, genuine feedback from dedicated players of BeamNG.

From the main menu, click the greyed-out career mode button six times quickly. Thats it… You have full access to the Alpha version of BeamNG’s career mode!

BeamNG’s Career Mode Tutorial

As in any game, the tutorial is the first step on the ladder. You will be greeted with a base model Ibishu Covet and taught the basic controls of the game. Whilst not the most exciting of any play-through, if you do happen to be brand new to the game, it is worth completing. Even if you aren’t new, having it ticked off is worth it for the 100% completion score at the end.

One aspect that debuted in this tutorial was the implementation of getting in and out of vehicles. This feature resembles games such as GTA and other free-roaming games and excited us all here at Overtake and the wider BeamNG community. This feature opens an almost endless amount of options when it comes to role-playing or online game modes.

Once you have entered your Covet, you are asked to crash it, classic BeamNG style, as hard as you can into a static object in the car park. Once completed, you’ll be shown the screen to explain how the built-in insurance and towing services work. These additions are amazing to see for such an early-access version of the career mode.

Dealerships and Purchasing Cars

Following the tutorial, you will be asked to drive to the nearest car dealership, Quarryside Auto Sales, in your newly-repaired Covet. There, you will exit the car and walk through the doors of the dealership. Choosing your first car for your career mode is always a hard decision, but the rear-wheel drive 200BX and the All-wheel drive I-Series are both hot picks right now.

Three options for your first car in BeamNG Career Mode.

Before you choose your car, or any car in the future, make sure to check the mileage and the condition. Taking a test drive before you buy the car is a fantastic feature that allows you to see if the car is for you.

Downloading the undesirables mod pack will amplify the importance of test driving. The taxi pictured below looked okay in the photo but was awful to drive and felt like it was about to fall apart. Test driving it made sure I didn’t waste my hard-earned credits on it.

When going to buy a used car from one of the many dealerships around the West Coast USA map, always make sure you remember that sales tax and dealership fees are included. This realistic addition makes you feel exactly like a real car dealership does, out of pocket and ripped off.

Career Mode Disciplines

BeamNG creates a much more diverse world compared to other career modes. Other racing titles mostly focus on the ‘Championship’ aspect and it is all about winning and nothing else. But not in BeamNG. Everything from tuning to new-car sales tax is simulated in this surprisingly in-depth first look at career mode.

Career mode spans three separate pathways to which you can dedicate your playthrough. If you’re more of a Jack of all trades, however, you can move to the other pathways at any time.

Motorsport gives the player the option of AI races, dirt track hill climbs, drag races and much more.

Labourer re-enacts the life of delivery drivers. Deliver everything from expensive cars to your neighbour’s moving-in boxes.

Specialized involves the player acting as a police officer or as a criminal in a multitude of police chases, for both sides of the law.

Adventurer Fancy launching cannonballs towards a group of unsuspecting pigeons and wigeons? Well, the Adventure mode is for you! With more casual fun, the adventure mode is there just to have some fun with.

Garage and Car Damages

Whilst driving to events or free-roaming the map, accidents happen. But don’t close the game just yet. The towing service can return your car to your garage where you can pay to have your car repaired. Regardless of the damage, you can try to continue, but towing is highly recommended to avoid causing more damage.

ETK I-Series Highspeed chase consequence.

The price is 500.00 currently, but once the game has been fleshed out in future updates, individual prices depending on the damage level will almost undoubtedly make their way into the game.

Garage Repair Menu: Normal or Quick Repair

In its current state, the repairs return your car to the condition you bought it in. Further down the content plan, the addition of permanently damaged panels is being called for as well as other permanent consequences of crashing.

The only difference between the quick repair and the normal repair currently is that the car is immediately finished as opposed to having to wait 1 minute for the normal repair time. A better use of these options would be a partial repair service to save some money. Unpainted body panel replacements and steel wheels instead of alloys would be a fantastic addition to car repairs.

Does BeamNG Need a Storyline to Succeed?

If this thought has crossed your mind, you are not the only one. Interestingly, Beamtually experimented with the idea of a story mode through comic book-style depictions of the Utah map with multiple scenarios. A stuntman-style set of scenarios with a decked-out bus on the set of a movie resembling SPEED was also included. These ‘Campaigns’ still hold the only available Steam achievements but were ultimately met with a lukewarm response from the community.

Animated comic strip cutscene.

Ultimately, a storyline is not a necessity. Especially as the game has no playable or referenced characters outside of those in the Utah campaign missions. Having the cars as individual entities would certainly not work and make the game seem childish, totally undermining the hard work the developers have put into such a detailed simulator.

So Much More to Come!

BeamNG.Drive‘s career mode has much more to offer. Remember, this mode is in extremely early access. So much so that you have to know a sequence to access it. This can only be positive for an already blooming title that, don’t forget, has been one of the best-performing racing and driving games on Steam month in and month out for the whole year of 2023.

If you want more BeamNG.Drive content, check out our article on the many secrets of BeamNG! or the video below for all you need to know about this game’s many secrets.

Thinking about giving BeamNG.Drive’s career mode a try? Let us know how you get on and what you want us to cover next over on Twitter @OverTake_gg or down in the comments below!

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