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Assetto Corsa Competizione is the latest creation of developer Kunos Simulazioni. The Italian studio has set itself the goal of creating the premier GT racing simulation worldwide. As advertised, ACC has made a gigantic impression on the sim racing community. Many consider the game as the one with the best car feeling at the moment. The focus on a few vehicles made life a little easier for the developers to really nail certain parts about the handling.

Besides the awesome car models, ACC boasts many legendary tracks. On circuits like Spa, the Hungaroring, or Bathurst, there is plenty to experience for passionate racers. Tracks also feature a detailed system that uses rubber build-up and enhances the course's overall grip. But if you think that is all you are mistaking. With the dynamic weather of ACC, a rubbered-in track can quickly fall victim to rain and therefore completely change its ways.

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    PC, PS4, Xbox One
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    Kunos Simulazioni
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    505 Games
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