Jardier's lightning-fast hotlap around Suzuka

Jardier’s lightning-fast hotlap around Suzuka

Assetto Corsa Competizione

Watch Jardier smash a lap of Suzuka on ACC and do it after him.

Photo Credit: Kunos Simulazioni

Japanese craftsmanship at its best can be summarized in one word: Suzuka. The track loved for being unique and fun to race at is the center of our latest Tutorial with the people’s darling, Jardier. As our main man for Assetto Corsa Competizione tutorials, Jardier will take you on a journey around the 18 corners of the famous Suzuka circuit. You can watch Jardier both while he is driving and in his role as an expert. This kind of knowledge is indispensable if you want all the know-how about the Japanese track in ACC

A historic track

A lot of history surrounds Suzuka. From F1 to countless GT races, this track has seen it all. But what makes the circuit a mainstay in the world of motorsports?

Its unique shape, and the mixture of high-speed passages paired with short tight corners make it interesting to watch. Suzuka requires a whole heap of racing knowledge to get it spot on. Some corners like ‘Spoon’ are so quirky that they feel different every time you take them. Another aspect is the differences in height the track has over a whole lap. Especially during the famous 130 R passage, the change in elevation makes for a real challenge.

If you follow Jardier’s steps, you might find the same kind of love that racers from across the globe have for Suzuka.

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