Jardier: How to survive every endurance race

Jardier: How to survive every endurance race

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Jardier tells you everything you need to know to do well in long races.

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Whenever you take part in an online race, you need to be focused. But some races take more than just a few minutes of concentration. Endurance races can be a big task for anyone who doesn’t know a trick or two. Luckily Jardier is here to save the day and bring us his most valuable tips for endurance racing.

A tough test

Endurance races are long races that can last from 12 up to 24 hours at a time. Usually, they are driven by teams where the different racers split up the time they spend in the car.

Whether it’s mentally or physically, endurance races can be very demanding to one’s body. Frequently racers drive stints of multiple hours, which means they are seated during the whole time. A comfortable chair seems to be a no-brainer for anyone interested in endurance racing. You should also take care of other physical needs like hydration or bathroom urges. If they get in your way during a multi-hour drive, you won’t be in a pleasant situation.

The mental part is as important as the physical. If you spin out or lose a lot of time, your mind can feel trapped inside a long race, and that will lead to almost certain unhappiness. As a teammate, try to pick up your colleague and give useful advice that helps them stay in the zone. If you lose motivation, endurance races can become even longer than they are already.

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