Does turning off traction control make you faster?

Can You Go Faster Without Traction Control?

Assetto Corsa Competizione

Why traction control is a helpful feature in Assetto Corsa Competizione and how to find the best settings.

Photo credit: Kunos Simulazioni / ACC

Traction control in racing games: your helpful friend or a time-losing enemy? We take a closer look at the TC system and explain how you can get faster lap times in this video.

First things first. What does traction control even do? It is basically an anti-wheelspin-system. If you accelerate too fast and your wheels start spinning, the TC turns down the engine so you keep going smoothly.

GT3 works differently from F1

If you are into F1, you might remember that the traction control feature was removed in real F1 cars as it made driving too simple. In the Codemasters’ F1 series, you can still turn TC on and off. Beginners can benefit from the additional guidance, but advanced racers turn it off to be in full control of the vehicle – and because you are faster without it.

So should you also turn off traction control in Assetto Corsa Competizione? No, not at all! While F1 cars don’t need the feature, GT3 cars are built to be driven with TC enabled as the weight is distributed differently.

Fine-tune to your liking for the best handling

In ACC, each car comes with a different handling and controls. Therefore, the TC differs for all vehicles as well. For some GT cars, you find two TC numbers in the settings. The first value refers to when the TC kicks in, and the second means how much TC will cut the engine.

This elaborate system lets you fine-tune each car to your preference to battle oversteer. Our recommendation is to keep both numbers close to each other.

But what is the difference between a low and high traction control setting? To put it simply: it’s speed. With a higher traction control setting, your engine will be powered down more and you will lose time. With a lower one, you might face more oversteer, but it should bring faster lap times.

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