How to Use Telemetry Data in Simracing

How to Use Telemetry Data in Simracing

Assetto Corsa Competizione

Join ChampionJoe in our latest video, where he introduces you to the wonderful, data-filled world of simracing telemetry.

Photo credit: Kunos Simulazioni

One big way in which the world of physical motorsports differs from its esports counterpart is in the amount of data that teams and drivers get to play with. For example, Formula 1 drivers are always looking at print-outs of graphs which give them information on their laps, and how they can potentially improve them.

Think of all the hundreds of different screens you see on every pit wall! Each one of them contains valuable information which a team or driver can use to their advantage. Wouldn’t it be nice if this same data was accessible to simracers? Well, it can be.

Changing The Game

This kind of data, which tracks a driver’s inputs on the throttle and brake pedals, as well as the steering wheel, is usually known as telemetry data. According to our own ChampionJoe, any serious simracer should learn how to read their own telemetry data to help them improve. But how can you gain access to the information, and what should you do with it once you have it?

We used the VBOX Sim tool to gather all the information we needed to help us. This is a software you can find and purchase on Steam which will track all of your outputs in a variety of games, as well as recording your monitor itself so you can compare the video footage with the graphs and numbers. Be warned, while we were given a free key to try out VBOX, it is certainly not cheap!

There are other cheaper or even free alternatives out there if you would prefer not to drop a significant amount of money on the software. If you want to know how much Joe was able to improve his Assetto Corsa Competizione skills by using telemetry, as well as how to properly read and use the information, then take a look at our latest video now!

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