Jardier's secrets for GT3 Setups in ACC

Jardier’s secrets for GT3 Setups in ACC

Assetto Corsa Competizione

Our favourite ACC expert Jardier is back with another banger. This time it’s all about setups.

Photo Credit: Jaroslav ‘Jardier’ Honzík/OverTake

Wherever there is a problem, there is a solution. ACC guru Jardier is usually the go-to guy for sim racing queries and he’s at it again in this OverTake tutorial. This time, he looks at car setups and goes in-depth on the Aston Martin V8 Vantage at the Hungaroring.

Getting your steps in

As old as it sounds, you will need to practice and evaluate a lot to find your rhythm and preferences. Other options in the setup menu are of interest for more aggressive drivers than for more conservative ones. To get started, you will first need to do a few laps on the aggressive preset, which ACC offers. This is a good baseline for what your car should be able to do. If you execute it perfectly, you can cut up to one second off your desired time. Even though that is still quite a bit, it is only the beginning. From there, you can adjust specific options to make your life on track easier.

Start with the basics

Your first priority should be the tyre pressures. Usually, the pressure should be between 27.5 and 27.7 to achieve the optimal race pace. In order to keep these pressures throughout the race, the OMI readings can help you. They stand for Outside-, Middle- and Inside temperature. If they are more than five degrees apart, you will have some major problems as the race progresses.

Also, some accessible options are everything that revolves around the aerodynamic grip. Aero is essential to keep your grip level on more high-speed corners where most racers lose their patience and, inevitably, their car. With some tweaks to the wing, for example, you will be able to stand your ground even if the car is behaving a little more recklessly.

Advanced knowledge required

Some things can’t be practiced, which holds true for some of the mechanical grip options in particular. Especially settings like the dampers require extensive telemetry overwatch to get them right. This is beyond what you will be able to do in the first stages of your setup career. Jardier emphasises that mechanical grip is undoubtedly something for more veteran drivers. So you would be wise to abstain from it or get help from more knowledgeable people before diving straight in.

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