How to master Laguna Seca – Lap Guide

How to master Laguna Seca – Lap Guide

Assetto Corsa Competizione

Learn how to tame one of America’s most prestigious raceways in Assetto Corsa Competizione: Laguna Seca!

Photo credit: Assetto Corsa Competizione

Today’s lap guide takes us to the sunnier side of life – and surely also the speedier one! Laguna Seca in warm Monterey, California, tends to both of those needs. Known for the blind corkscrew and treacherous gradients, it has built up a well-deserved reputation as one of the most thrilling American raceways. Mastering the host track of the IndyCar Series and the Superbike World Championship demands a racer’s full concentration and discipline – in real-life and virtual racing. Hear all the details about braking points and speed recommendations in our lap guide for ACC:

Fighting limits in the ups and downs

The most well-known part of Laguna Seca is undoubtedly the corkscrew turn at curve 8. Sneakily hidden behind a little hill, this chicane can catch oblivious racers completely off-guard. The Rahal straight just before still provides the high speed thrills, but greedy drivers will have a rude awakening if they don’t step on the brakes in time.

An often underestimated aspect of turn 8 are the slopes that come with it. It’s harder to gauge the dimensions of the curve and manage speed and shifting while the track tilts downwards. All of this at once, in addition to requiring high exit speed after the curve, can be rather overwhelming for unexperienced drivers. To show you how it’s done correctly, we sent esports driver Johannes Weiß from Buttler-Pal Motorsport onto the track and follow him in our lap guide. To see how pros handle the famous track, simply tune in to our video shown above.

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