Master Silverstone with James Baldwin!

Master Silverstone with James Baldwin!

Assetto Corsa Competizione

World’s Fastest Gamer James Baldwin shows you how to excel on the classic British circuit in any racing sim.

Photo credit: James Baldwin

Learning to race properly isn’t easy, but with the help of World’s Fastest Gamer James Baldwin you’ll make progress in no time! The GT3 driver is proficient in both esports and real racing and has proven his skills time and time again. In our tutorial, he shows you how to drive one of motorsports most iconic tracks: Silverstone!

Which sim has the best Silverstone?

There are plenty of simulations on the market which feature Silverstone. Since it is a truly historic track – after all it hosted the first official race of a Formula 1 world championship – and therefore a popular stage for racing action in any game.

Although platforms such as iRacing, F1 2020 and rFactor 2 all feature the racetrack, James Baldwin has a clear favorite sim: “In my opinion, it’s better to play ACC (Assetto Corsa Competizione, editor’s note) because the track is as realistic as it gets.”

Where to start?

If you have watched other OverTake tutorials carefully, you may remember that learning a track is key to victory. To achieve that, it is a good idea to begin slowly and practice the circuit over and over again until you are familiar with it.

However, James points out an important advantage of racing sims over real racing: “It doesn’t matter how much you crash in practice.” As a result, James isn’t shy when it comes to driving very aggressively at first and tuning it down from there, whereas you have to be far more cautious with a real car.

Learn Silverstone’s hardest corners

Of course, James will show you how to master Silverstone’s most notorious corners as well! Becketts and Maggotts pose tricky challenges to any racer who is not careful or doesn’t know how to approach them.

On top of that, the racing ace discusses Vale and Club which are also commonly referred to as turn 16/17. They are quite dangerous as it is easy to lock your wheels.

If you want to know how to nail Silverstone this tutorial is a must-watch!

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