Ermin Hamidovic fulfills his American dream

Ermin Hamidovic fulfills his American dream

Assetto Corsa

Everybody’s favorite Ermin Hamidovic gives us very detalied insights into his very own Daytona Dream race.

Photo Credit: OverTake

Have you ever wondered what the ultimate Daytona race could look like? Or with which car would be best? Our host Ermin Hamidovic has taken this question and created his very own version of the Daytona dream in our latest Let’s Play. For that purpose, Ermin took a seat in his favorite race car: the Chevrolet Corvette C8R, which he purchased as a mod for the original Assetto Corsa. To make it all that bit more exciting Ermin will start his race from the back of the grid! If you are not already hooked I don’t know anymore.

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