Ex-Bundesliga star Max Kruse goes esports racing

Ex-Bundesliga star Max Kruse goes esports racing

Assetto Corsa

German soccer player Max Kruse and racer Benny Leuchter found their own esports team.

Photo credit: Marcel Lerbs, Superbass

Fenerbahçe S.K. Istanbul’s Max Kruse founded his own organization, Max Kruse Racing eSports Team, in collaboration with his long-time racing buddy Benjamin “Benny” Leuchter. The two sportsmen founded a real racing team, called Max Kruse Racing, in 2018. The team has participated in many regional tournaments such as the Nürburgring Langstrecken Meisterschaft. Now, two years later, they have also branched out into esports.

With their entry into esports racing, the two partners want to address a younger audience and make the best of the current situation. Leuchter states: “Since my time at WTCR (FIA World Touring Car Cup, editor’s note), I’ve known how important simulator is for real motorsports. In addition, virtual motorsports gains popularity, especially due to the corona crisis.” They planned their esports debut for quite some time now, so they looked forward to take part in the virtual competition.

Two talents join Kruse and Leuchter

The team is going to debut at the upcoming ADAC Digital Cup in Assetto Corsa. The four-race event is going to hold events at the virtual cirtuits of Barcelona, Monza, Spa, and Nürburgring each month between June and September. Each event is going to be a two-and-a-half-hour endurance race, including change of driver. To guarantee a successful season the Max Kruse Racing eSports Team is joined by two talented youngsters: Luca Kita and Noah Cebulla.

The 17 and 18-year-olds bring their real-racing experience to the rigs. Leuchter is quite confident in their abilities: “We are in a good position with our two young pilots. Of course we aim for top placements, although the competition at ADAC Digital Cup is going to be tough.” The two prodigies are going to represent Max Kruse’s team as well as their local club MSC Neviges Tönisheide, which collaborates with the newly-founded esports organization.

The first race in Barcelona is scheduled for 10 AM CEST on June 6. All races are going to be broadcasted on the official ADAC channel on YouTube.

Creating a brand-new platform for esports racing comes from a necessity the community was lacking. Because esports racing has taken the whole world, it deserves a proper stage to shine. With fans all over the globe, OverTake is here to unite them all in one place – a bold move that we’re up to achieve together with the community.