How to pimp Assetto Corsa with weather effects

How to pimp Assetto Corsa with weather effects

Assetto Corsa

Sunrises, nighttime, rain-swept roads: the Assetto Corsa mod SOL gives you complete control over the games weather effects.

Photo credit: ChampionJoe

Imagine if you could wield the power over sun and moon, summon day and night or cause joyous sunbeams with just a click of your fingers. Well, you can easily achieve all that in Assetto Corsa, which allows you to create stunning weather effects and drive through your favorite tracks while experiencing a whole new atmosphere.

In our newest tutorial in our modding mini-series, we at OverTake show you how to install the mod “SOL” from Peter Boese. SOL gives you dynamic weather effects as well as a day and night cycle. This further boosts the realism of Assetto Corsa and enhances the graphics to a next-gen look.

One program allows endless new visuals

There is a little extra step to follow before playing around with time and weather. To benefit from the various beautiful mods like SOL, you need to install the so-called Content Manager first. The CM is available for free, so check out our first video which you can find it in the article below.

Set up your Assetto Corsa CM, test out SOL and watch out for more amazing mods in the next episode of this mini-series! Until then, be sure to put another complexion on the game and explore the upgraded visuals.


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