How to upgrade Assetto Corsa for next gen

How to upgrade Assetto Corsa for next gen

Assetto Corsa

Are you disappointed with the look and feel of Assetto Corsa? We can help you with that.

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When Assetto Corsa was released in 2013, the game was praised for its realism, both in the handling and graphics. Yet 2013 is a long time ago, and racing simulations have moved on since then. Luckily, developer Kunos Simulazioni has provided excellent mod support to keep the game looking and feeling fresh. Check out our tips to upgrade the game quickly and simply:

A simple transformation

Although the thought of downloading mods may seem daunting, it is easily done. Ignore the chaos of the menus and head straight for the Content Manager – this is where you manage all the content in the program. It’s totally free, and can be downloaded here.

Once that is set up, it’s time to explore! The CM offers a ‘Quick drive’ option, and ‘Career mode’ can be played from here too. If you play regularly online, you can access a diverse list of open lobbies and use custom filters to see the ones you like most. The video also reveals the secret powers of the Custom Shaders Patch – this magical feature really brings the game to life, with glowing brake discs, weather effects and track textures that transform the immersion. A must for any avid racer!

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