Find the perfect car in ACC with Jardier

Find the perfect car in ACC with Jardier

Assetto Corsa

Driving the right car can make or break your race – Jardier explains how to find the best one in ACC.

Photo credit: Assetto Corsa Competizione

Much like in real-life racing, the sim racing experience is determined in major parts by the car that you race. A vehicle that is difficult to handle will challenge its driver just as much in Assetto Corsa Competizione as on the real-life racing track. It is therefore all the more important to get to grips with the wide array to choose from in the game to find the car that suits you best. In our latest video, sim racing content creator Jaroslav ‘Jardier’ Honzík walks you through finding the ideal car.

What to look for in the perfect car

Aside from personal preference and looks, there are cars in the game that are objectively “good” in certain ways – criteria being difficulty of the car’s handling, its strength and performance under challenging conditions. Especially for beginners, cars like the Aston Martin V8, the Ferrari 488 and even the Bentley Continental are excellent choices. With easy handling and relatively strong performance nonetheless, they can set rookies at ease while still providing valuable experience.

The more experienced a racer becomes, the more important what Jardier calls “the balance between being comfortable and being fast” is. More powerful cars are often more difficult to handle, more prone to oversteering and generally harder to control on the track. From a certain point onwards, however, it can really pay off for a player to stick with a more difficult car and practice to master it instead of moving back to an easy one. It will always take a lot of practice and a certain amount of frustration to really get to know a car and maximize its performance, but it surely is the way to go to find the perfect vehicle.

Jardier’s recommendations

Some cars in Assetto Corsa Competizione really stand out. In the category of cars that perform best under challenging weather conditions, Jardier highly recommends the Lexus. Albeit not being the first choice on some tracks in the game, the Japanese manufacturer really is the way to go for optimal traction and easy handling on slippery asphalt and with limited vision.

According to Jardier, the Porsche 911 might be the most overpowered car in the entire game. With tricky handling and a challenging set-up, it does offer its fair share of difficulties, but is a perfect example of a car that is hard to master, yet extremely rewarding when you do. In contrast to that, Ferrari is always a good choice as an all-rounder: the 488 is generally easy to handle, takes good care of its tires and is driveable under most conditions.

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