New Assetto Corsa Competitzione DLC thrills Jardier

Assetto Corsa Competitzione DLC thrills Jardier

Assetto Corsa

The long-awaited GT4 DLC for Assetto Corsa Competitzione has been released about a week ago. It contains eleven new GT4 vehicles which primarily constitute a beginner’s class in the segement of touring cars. On top you get many different liveries for most of them, along with a GT4 championship mode. The slower speed breaks the gameplay down to its basics and requires higher focus on clean driving. This is most palpable in the new mixed class where GT3 and GT4 cars share the same track. For detailed information watch our Nitro Nights video piece shown above.

Some influencers seem to be very amazed about the new cars.

Sim racing YouTuber Jardier is incredibly excited about the newest ACC addition and even held a “GT4 DLC release party“. The approach of the DLC appeals to his reputation as a “gentleman driver”. On Nitro Nights he talked about the GT4 pack and what’s so fascinating about it:

I love it! To me, it unlocks a whole new game. I think itโ€™s a very good step forward.

Nevertheless, the Czech content creator makes clear that drivers choosing a GT car in mixed competitions should not expect a podium finish.

The speed difference is absolutely crazy. […] You might think, it’s not such a big difference and such. But the GT3 provides so much bigger downforce. Especially on tracks like Silverstone the GT3 cars are so much faster in corners and they can dive so much later into the corners. When you are in a GT4 car you have fear when they are approaching.

So for the time being GT3 cars will still be Jardier’s favorite as he reveals in this episode’s quickfire question round. Anyway Assetto Corsa’s latest DLC seems to be all about fun in the first place and having fun is what makes Jardier so charismatic and successful streamer.

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