If you are stuck, attend a Sim racing academy

If you are stuck, attend a Sim racing academy

Assetto Corsa

Photo credit: Mack Bakkum Virtual Racing School

Every sim racer eventually reaches the point where he or she can no longer improve on his or her own. A coach can be helpful then. But where to get one?

Sim racing academies are a fabulous possibility to improve your lap times and average driving skill. Most of them offer one-to-one lessons with famous professional sim racers who show you what you are doing wrong in detail. A big selling point of sim racing adacemies are the coaching setups, too. The coaches prepare setups for different car-track-combinations which you can download to help you get the most out of it. Prices range from free offerings up to $320 premium coachings.

Become your own coach

This seems a lot of money for single sessions. The most of the sim racing academies focus on teaching you how to identify mistakes on your own, though. So it can be seen as a long term investment. Apart from the coaching sessions you mostly get different tools to effectively analyze your driving and every track. Coachings are mostly done per Discord and shared ingame sessions.

Which academy program you want to attend, will most probably be determined by what game you prefer. If iRacing is your passion, you might want to take a look at the Virtual Racing School (VRS) or Pure Driving School. While iRacings record rated driver Max Benecke is coaching at Pure Driving School, VRS offers stars like Josh Rogers, Martin Krönke, Ray Alfalla and many more.

Pure Driving School

Assetto Corsa Competitzione is high-professionally covered by the Coach Dave Academy, lead by GT driver David Perel. Among other offerings you get to download different track-maps which also cover other games like Gran Turismo Sport.

If you are stuck with the original Assetto Corsa, the Porsche Racing Experience should be your choice. It has extended its original program from reality into the digital world and presents a similar offering by the same instructors via internet.

For a more detailed insight, have a look at our Nitro Nights video above.

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