This Assetto Corsa Mod Lets you Play Gran Turismo on PC

This Assetto Corsa Mod is Gran Turismo on PC

Assetto Corsa

If you have always wanted to play a Gran Turismo type game on PC, Assetto Corsa Evoluzione might be the perfect thing for you.

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Have you ever wanted to get the Gran Turismo experience, but without the need to buy a PlayStation? Perhaps you don’t have the money for a whole extra console, or maybe you just prefer your PC setup. Well, until now it’s been pretty impossible to play anything which resembles the career modes of the classic Gran Turismo games on PC. The key bit there is, of course, “until now”.

Assetto Corsa Evoluzione

Modding community to the rescue! Assetto Corsa, which is the basis for many incredible mods, provides the backbone for this new Gran Turismo style mod called Assetto Corsa Evoluzione. While it bears the Assetto Corsa name, and runs using the game, it doesn’t resemble Assetto Corsa itself very much at all. But before we get into the details of the mod itself, we first need to tell you where you can find it and how to install it.

To get the files you need for Assetto Corsa Evoluzione, you’ll need to head over to the Patreon account of the mod’s creator, Alex Mail. If you need a hand with that, you can check the description of our YouTube video, where you can find all the links you need. Be warned though: access to the alpha version of this mod isn’t free! It does, however, come at the relatively low cost of €2.50. On top of that, the sheer number of files you will need to download is very high, and so is the amount of time you’ll need to download them.

If you have the time to spare, it’s worth it. Buying and selling cars, gazing at them lovingly in showrooms, repairing them after they get worn down over time, you can do everything you would expect from an old-school Gran Turismo career mode. And that’s before we even get into the driving. The mod lets you compete in challenges and cups. For the time being, there’s not a huge amount of content as the mod is in its early stages of development, but the framework is very positive indeed! To see the mod in action, take a look at our video now.

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