Cute Hondas Available Got Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 Turbocharged
Images: Milestone

Cute Hondas Available Got Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 Turbocharged

Part of the unending DLC plans for the diecast racer, the Honda Modern Classics Pack has been released for Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 Turbocharged.

We were enamoured by the first Hot Wheels Unleashed game just over two years ago and enjoyed its 2023 sequel, but the atomisation of its post-release content is more than a little grating.

But business be businessing, and Unleashed is the first Milstone-developed title to ever surpass a million in sales – there’s an audience out there for the DLC at least.

Having mostly overlooked the optional additional content so far for Turbocharged, the Honda Modern Classics Pack caught our eye. Mainly because, when it is miniaturised JDM-spec cars, there’s just something so right about the representations.

Hot Wheels Unleahsed 2 DLC Honda Civic Type R FK8 and EF

Sure, there’s the ubiquitous FK8 Civic Type R as part of the set, but there’s also the wicked and obscure City Turbo II and the genre-defining Civic EF. It is as if real car nerds have hand-selected the vehicles on offer.

Unleashed 2 also added motorcycles to the roster, and a marque such as Honda is perfect for the crossover, so there’s a Super Cub too – a two-wheeled behemoth, surpassing 100 million made since 1958.

The pack is available as a standalone item with all four vehicles included for $4.99 on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch. Alternatively, if you own the Season Pass Vol. 1 (yes, there will be more than one season pass…), you already have it ready to download.

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