EA Sports WRC Rally Pass Achievements
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EA Sports WRC: Rally Pass & Achievements


The release date for EA Sports WRC is almost here, with those who preordered the title getting a head start on October 31st. Here’s what awaits in the EA Sports WRC Rally Pass and what achievements to expect.

When EA Sports WRC was initially announced, sim racers were surprised by the lack of special editions. There will only be a standard edition, even for preorders. If you are among the up-front buyers, you will be able to access the game on October 31st instead of November 3rd and receive liveries and apparel. Plus, five VIP Rally Passes are also included – but what are they?

EA Sports WRC Rally Pass Explained

The Rally Pass in EA Sports WRC tracks players’ progression and lets them unlock reward items. These include helmets, gloves, overalls, car liveries, and more for the first season. By default, 10 of these rewards are available, with VIP Rally Pass owners get 15 VIP rewards of the same nature. Additonally, EA Play subscribers receive five further rewards.

The EA Sports WRC Rally Pass renews every few weeks. Season 1 will be active for seven weeks after launch, followed by eight-week intervals for Seasons 2 to 5. The pass features 20 levels for players to rise through by gaining XP by driving in all game modes.

Image credit: EA Sports

EA Sports WRC Rally Pass: No On-Road Advantage

While those who preordered will have a VIP Rally Pass for all five of the planned Seasons already, it can be purchased later as well. EA Sports’ price tag: £5.99/$5.99/€5.99.

The good news is that the Rally Pass is entirely optional. It will only feature cosmetic items, so players will not gain an on-track advantage from it. Furthermore, EA Sports emphasizes that there will be no paid in-game currency or other boosters.

The publisher has been criticized in the past for its microtransaction approach to its titles, so them taking a different route for EA Sports WRC is refreshing. Meanwhile, the upcoming Central European Rally will be added as a free update for all players.

The only content that will be exclusive to certain players are select Moments. EA Play subscribers will receive extra scenarios to complete. Depending on your interest in them, this is also not a must-have upgrade.

All Rally Pass bonuses will be purely cosmetic as EA Sports WRC will not hide content behind a paywall – with a minor exception. Image credit: EA Sports.

PS5-Exclusive Trophy

Hardly any title comes without achievements (or Trophies, as they are called in the PlayStation universe) today. Of course, EA Sports WRC is no different: A total of 26 achievements are available across all platforms, plus a Platinum Trophy for PS5 racers. It is awarded for completing all the other achievements.

The achievements are categorized from bronze to gold (plus the PS5 platinum. Players can complete relatively simple tasks like completing a lesson in Rally School or tackle more challenging ones like winning a stage in Portugal after starting with a heavily-damaged engine.

Find all EA Sports WRC achievements and their rating below!

EA Sports WRC Achievements List

Gold RushAchieve 5 Gold medals in Moments.Gold50G
Team PrincipalCreate your own team in Career Mode.Bronze25G
Rookie SeasonComplete your first career season.Silver30G
World Rally Champion!Win a WRC Championship in Career Mode.Gold50G
Consistency is keyFinish on the podium at every event in a Championship Mode season.Gold50G
Keepin it realComplete 5 Moments.Silver40G
NEW PB!Beat a Personal Best time in Time Trial.Silver25G
Ghost BusterDownload and beat a Ghost in Time TrialSilver35G
Perfect ScoreComplete a regularity rally stage with 0 penalty points.Gold40G
Asphalt ArtistDrive 100 Miles (160km) on Asphalt.Bronze35G
Gravel GuruDrive 100 Miles (160km) on Gravel.Bronze35G
Snow SpecialistDrive 100 Miles (160km) on Snow.Bronze35G
Long Haul HeroDrive 1000 Miles (1600km).Silver50G
Vehicle BuilderBuild your first Vehicle Builder car.Bronze20G
Master Vehicle BuilderBuild 5 cars in the Vehicle Builder.Silver35G
Class ActComplete at least one stage using a vehicle from the WRC, WRC2, and Junior WRC Vehicle Classes.Gold50G
Your first time?Complete a lesson in the Rally School.Bronze30G
Personalised PodiumFinish on the podium of a Custom Championship, in a Vehicle Builder car, with a custom livery.Silver50G
In the HeadlightsFinish on the podium of an event at Rally Monte Carlo in a Mini Cooper S.Silver40G
Regularity RenaissanceWin a Regularity Rally event in Rally Italia Sardegna in the Lancia Stratos.Silver40G
Algarve it a go!Win a stage at Vodafone Rally de Portugal that you started with heavy engine damage.Silver40G
SnowgloebWin an event at Rally Sweden in the Citroën Xsara WRC.Silver40G
El MatadorWin an event at Rally Iberia in the Subaru Impreza 1995.Silver40G
Miracle in the MountainsFinish an event at Guanajuato Rally Mexico without any severe mechanical damage.Silver40G
E-stoniaComplete a Quick Play Online event at Rally Estonia.Silver40G
Driver’s AllianceCompete in a Clubs event at any location.Silver40G
Completed it MateEarn every Trophy.PlatinumPS5 only

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